About me

I've been a Senior Lecturer at Coventry University since 2010. In 2016 I completed a Ph.D. in Corpus Linguistics at the University of Birmingham. My project involved developing a system of annotation for capturing metadata relating to migrant letters, with a particular focus on personography information (details about the authors and recipients) and placeography information (the various locations mentioned with the letters). You can access my thesis here:

Moreton, E. (2016). The emigrant letter digitised: markup and analysis. Ph.D. thesis, Dept. of English Language and Applied Linguistics, University of Birmingham. [Available from: http://etheses.bham.ac.uk/6416/].

I'm a member of the Digital Literary Stylistics SIG as well as the Language of Correspondence Research Network (LoCNET).

For more information about the projects I'm currently involved in please go to the 'Funding' page of this website. Details of my publications and presentations can be accessed by clicking on the relevant tabs above or below. Finally, for more information about corpus linguistics research taking place at Coventry University, you can visit the Corpus Linguistics at Coventry (CLaC) website: http://www.clac.coventry.domains.

Contact Details

Dr Emma Moreton
Senior Lecturer
School of Humanities (HUM), Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH)
Coventry University, Priory Street, CV1 5FB
Email: aa0282@coventry.ac.uk
Web: https://pureportal.coventry.ac.uk/en/persons/emma-moreton
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2016, Ph.D., Corpus Linguistics, University of Birmingham
2007, M.Phil., Corpus Linguistics, University of Birmingham
2006, B.A. (first), English Literature, De Montfort University, Leicester
2005, Cambridge Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA), Warwickshire College

Digital Humanities Training

Programming for Humanists (Part of the Programming4HUManists webinar series) [Texas U&M University, September - December 2017]
What is Digital Humanities? (Part of the Programming4HUManists webinar series) [Texas U&M University, August 2016]
Text Encoding Fundamentals and their Application [Digital Humanities Summer Institute, University of Victoria, June 2011]
GIS Summer School [Lancaster University, July 2013]


I'm currently module leader for Corpus Stylistics (a third year undergraduate module on the English BA) and Written and Spoken Discourse Analysis (a postgraduate module on the MA in English Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics) at Coventry University. Previously, I taught modules in Stylistics, Corpus Linguistics and Business English.